Established in Italy in 1971 by Ivano Gerardi, GERARDI Spa. became the largest vise manufacturer in Europe in the eighties. GERARDI manufactures special holders and vices for machine tools and machining centres. Thanks to its worldwide marketing strategies and innovative approaches, it has expanded its trade area. GERARDI S.p.A. Co. team continues on its way actively in the sector with more than 200 employees. Today, it exports to more than 50 countries and allocates 10% of its turnover to R&D studies for new products every year.

GERARDI is one of the world's most recognized vise brands. All GERARDI clamps and accessories are modular. All vise parts can be used in harmony with other different types. Thanks to fixed reference points, GERARDI vices are easily joined with high precision and in a short time. All these superior features are provided by the perfect design process, high precision, super precision grinding of all moving and fixed parts. These superior features allow even the most difficult fastening problems to be solved in seconds.

GERARDI vices are produced with the highest quality materials. All vise parts are developed using special computer programs with 50 years of experience. GERARDI vices; Manufactured from high-alloyed, durable steel for maximum rigidity, high performance and minimal wear.

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